160+ analog drum samples // CRUNCHY DRUMS (Pay What You Want)

54 ratings
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160+ analog drum samples // CRUNCHY DRUMS (Pay What You Want)

Bobeats Synth Sounds & Samples
54 ratings

by Bobeats

In this pack you get 161 analog drum sounds (one shots) that have been created using various eurorack modules. The sounds are arranged into 11 kits which represents different kinds of processing. 

To get the pack for free put 0 as amount.
To pay something put whatever you feel is fair as amount.

Naming convention for this pack

BD = Bass/Kick drum 

SD = Snare drum

TB = Tambourine 

CH = Closed hihat

OH = Open hihat

MB = Metallic beat

CY = Cymbal

Other formats

When you download you also get a zip file with alternative formats: mono, 24 bit and samples arranged for loading into Squarp Rample. Thanks to Technobear and Richard G for helping me with this.


This pack is harsh, distorted and meant to be rough around the edges. There is no EQ on the sounds, meaning that you should definitely put an EQ on the drum bus if you think the sounds are -too- harsh. Filtering out a bit of the higher frequencies does a lot to tame the sound. 

Check out Bobeats here

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/bobeatsmusic


TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/Bobeatsmusic

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/BOBEATSMUSIC 

I want this!

160 analog drum sounds with a crunchy feel


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