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64 Minilogue XD Presets + Sequences by Bobeats

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In this pack you get the following

  • 64 presets for the Korg Minilogue XD made by Bobeats. The sounds range from pad, lead, bass to FX. They come as 64 individual Minilogue program files. They only use the default digital oscillators, so no additional downloads are required. 
  • There are also several complex sequences that you can jam with or learn from.

For a sound demonstration of this pack, see this video. 


1. To install these presets you need the Minilogue XD librarian. Download it here. 

2. You simply connect your Minilogue XD with USB to the computer. 

3. Open the librarian. 

4. The librarian should now retrieve everything that is on the Minilogue XD. If it doesn't you can use "receive all" for programs. You should now have imported all programs (sounds) that was on your Minilogue into the editor. 

5. Under the programs tab you can now drag and drop the individual program files onto whatever preset slot you want. 

6. When you have ordered the presets to your liking you press SEND ALL under PROGRAMS. This will send ALL 500 PROGRAMS to your Minilogue XD 


Preset information (also available as PDF with the download)

Name / Type / Sequence

  • Tear / Detuned Lead +Sequence
  • Fanfare / Epic Pad with Sync Effect +Sequence
  • Drops / Unison Bass or Lead with Sync Effect +Sequence
  • Bows / Strings +Sequence
  • Dusty / Rough Unison Bass +Sequence
  • Dirt / Rough Unison Bass +Sequence
  • Logue / Classic Minilogue Pad
  • Tails / Classic Minilogue Arp (works in poly too!) +Sequence with sequenced arpeggiator changes.
  • Castle / Detuned sawtooth chords. Use the voice mod depth knob to change what key the chords are in. +Sequence
  • Welcome / Lead & Bass with Sync Effect +Sequence
  • Classic Lead / Classic Sync Lead
  • Classic Lead 2 / Variation of Classic Sync Lead, rougher
  • Swell / Swell type pad
  • Horror / FX type pad
  • ShadeKick / FX type kick and bass sound +Sequence that shows how you can turn it into something melodic. See motion sequence for automations.
  • Logue2 / Classic Minilogue Lead, trying to replicate some of my favorite sounds from the original Minilogue.
  • Pius / Synth-y Almost Bell like sound
  • Village / Basically a sequence to learn from. Kick+perc+bell sound. Look at sequencer automation to see how it is made.
  • Drift / A sequence to jam with or learn from. Kick+perc+bass. Play with cutoff and resonance but also amp release. Look at sequencer automation to see how it is made.
  • Chime / A sequence to jam with or learn from.
  • Multiple layers of sound. Play with cutoff and resonance but also amp release. Look at sequencer automation to see how it is made.
  • Layered / A multitimbral pad sequence to jam with and learn from. Turn cutoff for interesting harmonics. Look at sequencer automation to see how it is made.
  • Holdfast / A multitimbral melodic sequence. Try turning: cutoff and resonance for some screchy sounds. Release is another fun knob to turn. Changing oscillator shapes also alters the sound quite a bit.
  • Wonky / Another weird sequence to learn from and play with. As the name suggests: quite wonky.
  • 4onFloor - This is just a bonus sequence that you can use to create a complex patch. Features a kick drum using osc 2.
  • Tradition / A classic kick, snare and bass sequence. Increase cutoff to hear more of the bass sound. To play with and learn from.
  • Singing / A patch with a metallic bass and vocal-like synth lead. +Sequence with multitimbral qualities that you can play with and learn from.
  • Wonders / a dusty pad sound with a lot of movement. +Sequence
  • Break / a sequence without the use of the sequencer. Instead this patch utilizes the LFO.
  • PHOW / a FX and/or percussion patch
  • Voices / a singy type lead sound +Sequence
  • Rusty / a lofi type pad sound with a lot of grit +Sequence
  • Fierce / a metallic lead sound and complex sequence that would fit nicely with some heavy beats. Use cutoff, resonance and release to jam with it.
  • Burst / Try playing the patch with two hands, one playing bass notes and the other higher notes for an interesting spread of sounds. Comes with a complex techno-esque sequence to play with.
  • Burst2 / A more dynamic version of Burst also with a complex sequence.
  • SadDrops / A pad + pluck type sound. Try playing a chord with your left hand and a melody on top. +Sequence
  • JustLead / A lead sound. Could work for aspiring Bollywood producers. +Sequence
  • Steel / A big pad sound +Sequence
  • Twirl / Bass + Lead type sound that you can play with two hands.
  • Lower octaves for bass (...yes, shocking!) and higher for a more lead oriented sound. Could definitely make for some interesting riffs. +Sequence
  • JustSync / You like sync? Well here you go!
  • Windy / A pad and melodic sound with a lot of wind. +Sequence
  • Still / A melodic sound +Sequence
  • Warm / A big and warm pad sound +Sequence
  • Wow / Could work as bass, lead or something in between. Try different octaves for varied style of sound. +Sequence
  • Hello / a pad sound that jumps out at you.
  • Vide / A dynamic lead sound +Sequence
  • Hollow / A dark drone type sound. Try switching to poly for a more melodic patch that you can play using a bass drone and melodies on top.
  • Hall / An emotional pad sound +Sequence
  • Who / A sync bass or lead +Sequence
  • Keys / A complex sequence with kick, perc and bass/keys type sound. Joystick can be used to change up the sequence.
  • Swirls / A complex sequence with layers of sound. Joystick can be used to change up the sequence.
  • Flutey / turn up osc 1 to get a flute type sound on top of the fx. Note how this is controlled in by the motion sequencer.
  • Comes with a complex sequence.
  • Glass / Chord based sound +Sequence
  • Glass2 / Chord based sound +Sequence
  • Hey! / A melodic type synth sound with interesting harmonics +Sequence
  • Hello! / A bright melodic type sound with interesting harmonics +Sequence
  • Vacay / A kalimba inspired sound and complex sequence.
  • Joystick can be used to change up the sequence.
  • Disharmony / FM based bell sounds
  • SongBird / FM based pitch modulated lead or atmospheric sound +Sequence that you can change up using the joystick
  • Blink / Pad with an arpeggiated affect using oscillator 2. Try turning cross mod for interesting effects.
  • Craze / Broken chords. Use voice mode depth to change key. Use cutoff to wildly change character of the chords, but don’t touch resonance too much as it will totally change the sound. +Sequence
  • Wildsong / Sing-y lead sound. Could also work as a pad.
  • SquaredSquare / A duophonic sound that can make for some interesting synth riffs and leads. It has a delay effect due to shape being set differently for osc 1 and 2 which in combination with lfo set to 1-shot creates the main delay sound. 
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64 Minilogue XD Presets + Sequences by Bobeats

46 ratings
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