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100 NEW Minilogue Presets by Bobeats (Pay What You Want)

Bobeats Synth Sounds & Samples
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Almost four years with the Minilogue and I am happy to say I still enjoy it quite a lot. I poured what I have learned about designing sounds on the Minilogue into this new pack. Hope you enjoy it.


What do you get? 

You get a zip file containing 100 new Minilogue presets. You get 1 library file and 100 individual program files. Sounds range from leads, arp, bass and pad. No sequences. 

*This pack only works with the original Minilogue, and not the new Minilogue XD* for a Minilogue XD pack click here

How to install*

You need the Minilogue Sound Librarian to install these sounds. Get it here (Free). 

1. Unzip and locate folder with Library file (ends with MNLGLIB).

2. Connect Minilogue to your computer using a USB cable.

3. Open Minilogue Sound Librarian.

4. Let the librarian sync with your Minilogue.

5. Make sure to make a backup of whatever you have on your Minilogue by creating a library file. Select File and Save As. This way you have a library file that backs up your current presets.

6. Under FILE select NEW.

7. Drag and drop LIBRARY FILE into the Librarian. You should now see Bobeats presets occupy slots 1-100.

8. Press Write All to send the 100 sounds to the Minilogue. (this will also overwrite slots 101-200 with INIT presets!)

*I can not offer any individual support on getting Korg librarian to work on your system. If you have issues you should ask Korg support, or may I suggest the Facebook Minilogue users group. 

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100 NEW Minilogue Presets by Bobeats (Pay What You Want)

4 ratings
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